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We were never sure about which company to choose for the development of our website and mobile application. One of our employees suggested the name of domainmantri. We did not consume so much time while deciding to contact domainmantri.

Within some time, their representatives reached the location provided by us. Their quick response time impressed us very much. Then we never look back anywhere else for any digital and online-based needs and requirements. We are a New Zealand based company which provides taxi rental service.

We are seeing good growth in our business once our website and mobile application get developed by domainmantri. Here at our website, you can book a ride, track the cabs, and safely reach your destination. Our service is so safe and secure that people prefer our services instead of taking their cars for various purposes.

What were our requirements?

Deciding an option to have a website was the easy one, the main tasks started when we started looking for companies for website designing. We wanted to be present at the mobile of every resident of Newland. For that case, a mobile application is also required to be developed. Our main requirements were as follows:-

Our requirements were as of that:-

  • 1. Safe and secure payment modes that is acceptable to all sorts of cards and other ways of payment like internet banking, mobile banking, wallet, etc. Many international customers prefer to use our services and in that case, the website and mobile application must be supportive of international cards.
  • 2. The car rental market is highly competitive and lots of players are already in the field. So the layout and design must be unique and innovative and at the same time best in class so that people get attracted to our websites. The same requirements were told to domainmantri and they did not take much time in understanding our requirements.
  • 3. Inventory management for the website and mobile application should be live and data-driven. Data must be taken in various forms so that we may analyze them in better ways.
  • Web pages should be light and fast loaded. We believe customers should not wait for the website to load and that is why we always preferred to have a light website and mobile application. Domainmantri provided the same without much time-consuming.
  • Our budget was tight, so needed all the service without spending much money on that. Domainmantri provided and developed our website and mobile application is less costly as compared to others.

Prototype: -

After giving the proposals to the domainmantri, they provided our estimates/quotes and you did not take that much time on agreeing on that. Their estimates were all-inclusive and have no hidden cost. The language of the estimates and quotes was also very simple and that is why we were able to understand without any difficulties. Prototype submission is a process before finalization. It looks just like an actual website, only it is not hosted on the web. Any feedback and modifications provided by us are readily accepted by domainmantri and it is corrected without much delay. Their estimates and quotations were almost identical to the actual cost.

Deployment: -

Deployment process is very planned and well-articulated. The whole process involves complete help by domainmantri. From design to hosting, all the process is smooth and simple there at domainmantri. The process is not simple, but they have made it simple and precise with their expertise and experience. All the features that they provided on our websites were just awesome. Layout designing, content creation, customer support page, feedback page, and even the home page, all are designed in unique and innovative ways. Graphics designing was done by the experts and involves so many different colors and text combinations.

Many development companies charge separately for various other services related to website and mobile development. One major point where other companies charge is Domain registration and web hosting. Domainmantri does not charge for any one of those services.

Support and maintenance: -

What is the need for your website, if you are unable to support your client in all their needs. This principle cannot be better understood than domainmantri. They have fully dedicated teams of customer services to help the clients in all their needs and requirements. Contact with customer service of domainmantri is always fun and energy-filled. Along with giving a proper response, they also handle clients' queries with lots of passion and dedication.

Conclusions: -

In short, there is no other company better than domainmantri for any website and mobile development work. Do not waste time by looking for companies other than domainmantri. They will provide you better services at fewer prices as compared to others. As we cannot find better options than domainmantri, we are sure, you cannot find better than them in your searches.

Some special features adopted by domainmantri for King Kava:-

1. Graphics designing: -

Domainmantri gives great emphasis on the graphics-based layout. Graphics based layout looks better as compared to the text-based. Here at domainmantri, you will only get graphics-based design.

2. Picture supported Content: -

Content works on websites very much in need nowadays. Domainmantri provided picture oriented and supported content that is the best part of them.

Digital marketing in a unique way: -

They deploy all the ways of digital marketing to make your website appear first on the web search. At the same time, lots of effort is put into them so that you may earn more than expected revenues from your website.

content marketing

Support and maintenance: -

They are ready to help you with any support and maintenance issue, whenever you wish. Their customer support is best and provides you the information in short, precise, and to the point ways.

Conclusions: -

Do not waste time by looking for companies other than domainmantri. You cannot get more at fewer prices other than domainmantri. They are the best and that’s why we highly recommend them for any work performed in digital ways.

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