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Table Tent Card Design

A table tent print is made from folding cardstock. It is a convenient and permanent unit that is convenient for publicity. It can also be referred to as a tent card. Tables are usually used as small billboards.

The copper card is written on a sheet of paper so that the name will be printed. And surprisingly, when placed on the table, it is displayed correctly from both sides. It is possible to create a design.

There are different ways to create this design. Respectively

a) Open the Word Processor application on your computer. Select "Toolbar" in the "View" menu and turn on the Drawing toolbar. In most word processors, the drawing toolbar appears at the bottom of the window. Set the page to landscape. Set the margins up to one inch around.


b) Select the text tool that usually looks like a button with the letter "T" on the drawing toolbar. Above the right margin, click and drag the cursor to create a text box two inches below the left corner. Release the mouse button to set the box in place.

c) Type the name that will appear on the tent card. Select text with the cursor. Set the size of the point and type in Arial black or similar font which is easy to read at a distance. If the name does not stand out in a line, reduce the size of the point. To center the text in the box, in the toolbar at the top of the window, click the center button to look like the centerline of the button.

d) Click on the edge of the text box to select the whole box. Select "Copy" in the "Edit" menu to copy the box. Click to uncheck the box. Select "Paste" at the bottom of the "Edit" menu to paste a new box on the page. Click the New Text box and drag it to the bottom margin at the bottom of the box to align.

e) Select the first text box. Click on the rotate button, which looks like a rotating arrow on the button. Hold down the "Shift" key. Hold the angle of the box and drag the angle around to rotate the text 180 degrees.

f) Print the page. Fold the page along the length to make the tent card.

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