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This multimedia ad uses animation and graphic design. It can be used to market and market any product or service. Multimedia ads come in a variety of formats such as DVDs, videos, and various online ads, companies, or products Dynamic digital advertising plays a very important role in increasing the number of clients. School bags can be made in different designs so that the children like it and they feel very attracted to it. There are four types of bag packs. They are frameless, outer frame, inner frame, and body pack respectively.

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Before know the points after selecting school bag design:-


a) The height and weight of the school bag:

The height of the school bag and its weight should be taken into consideration. It should be made in such a way that the maximum weight does not go over the shoulder. The body pack should be attached to one or more pockets Is and is loaded in such a way that the front load and the rear load are almost equal or close. Most of the load of the body pack is carried backward. That load should be spread around so that the body is not unbalanced.

b) School bags of different designs:

School bags of different designs should be made to attract customers. The design of the bags should be made keeping in view the preferences of the children. And attention should be paid to the paper. Bags of different patterns should be made.

c) Quality fabric:

If the fabric is made of good quality fabric or nylon, it will be effective enough to attract the customer. Another important thing is to maintain consistency. You have to be vigilant about this. Consistency on every page is very important for bag design. It helps all customers to understand.

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