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An active campaign is a marketing tool which has become an extremely a popular term in today's world which plays the most significant role in shaping up a business and involve the existing and the prospective customers in the birth of a new product or a new service or a scheme our company believes in active campaigning as it wants a direct relationship with not only its existing customer base.

The various methods of active campaigning followed by us are:-

Direct contact:  We always ensure that our customers get to know about the new product, its launch date and other relevant details from the inboxes of their email addresses, messages and while sitting comfortably at their homes or offices. Even the regular clients may also receive personal invitation cards from joining us for our official launch, whether physically or virtually.

active campaign

Social media campaigns: Social media campaigns are the most popular among active campaigns. Facebook, Instagram offers various business tools through which we can select our target audience for our products. Sending links of newly launched website of the relevant product through Whatsapp to our customer base has also been quite useful.

Engaging the customers: The customers need to be involved in various ways to get them interested about a new product, and we think the best options are to conduct small competitions, quizzes, and even lucky draws at popular public places like malls, theatres and even virtually using different media like social media, television etc.

Feedback: It is needless to say that when a new product is officially launched and released in the market, the feedback or the reviews are of utmost importance. When on the one hand the positive feedbacks motivate us to serve our customers with more perfection, on the other hand, their negative feedbacks highlight the areas where we need to improve, to maximize their satisfaction.

Door to door campaign: Though this is an age-old practice yet it still allows a person to try out our products at a discounted offer price by selling or providing samples at the addresses of people.


Thus it's relatively safe to comment that active campaigning has more benefits than disadvantages if any, and has become 'a must' practice for most businesses not only for its existing customer base but also for its prospective clients.

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