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Online media buying refers to the process when advertisers buy placements for advertising their products on various digital platforms like a webpage, different applications etc. This process is linked to a specific method called Real-time Bidding, which gives the benefit of the advertisement being displayed to the prospective buyers, when loading a webpage, or opening a newly downloaded app or even when watching a recently buffered video online.

It comprises of a few characteristics as follows:-
  • Demand-side platform or DSP enables a marketer to store their advertisements with the publishers' websites and helps to only show it to a specific target audience. In that way, it helps to filter that audience who may not be interested in the product. This platform even helps to avoid unnecessary traffic from fraudulent websites, especially when the audience is non-existent.
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  • The supply-side platform mainly refers to the platform that the publishers offer to the advertisers which they purchase through real-time bidding and use to showcase their products. Since this platform is a content creating a platform and visited by consumers who may be interested buyers for the advertisers; therefore, this is of great help to various parties involved.
  • Online media buying has enabled this whole phenomenon to complete within a fraction of a second. In contrast, it would have been a much more time-consuming process had it been done offline, manually. It takes into consideration of all the interested parties and therefore, the respective parties are benefitted judiciously. The advertisers can also make a proper budget to spend accordingly on advertisements. When this whole buying and selling phenomenon has become fully automated and digitized, these platforms make it less cumbersome and definitely a lot less time consuming, being at the same time quite useful.

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