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It structures a website for business to business growth. This is important because most people still use their website as some kind of destination as not as a tool but. By using this, you can turn your website from being a destination into being a tool that you can use to drive growth. Here are the three most important components that you need to have on your website to grow. All of them are designed to increase the value or confidence in your brand, but then there is the last brand page. You don't need more brand pages in this to have some kind of services you have the education you have publications. If you don't have all of them, it is no problem, but you need some expertise pages to show people what you know and do. Then you need something that shows your values and those kinds of things like who is working at your company and what are you about together. They should be linked to the top navigation of your website the second type of page that you got to create or lead pages. Not everything gets sold online goes right to an end consumer

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