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3D Greetings Card Design

3D Greetings Cards are a great way to build a deep relationship with your loved ones and to exchange affection and love. This created 3D card will be able to send the right message about you. Here are some tips to help you make this 3D card.

  • Use of polymer eraser

    When you use or make a 3D card, you have to use a polymer eraser. When you complete the design, you will need to remove all the pencil stains so that it looks clean and well-organized. Using a colored eraser can make the whole thing look ugly and dirty. So you have to use a white polymer eraser.


    Set the background color of your 3D card:

    This time you need to determine the background of your 3D card. You need to be aware of which color will look beautiful when you use it. If you need it, you can also choose the color from the picture you are using. You can use multiple colors to enhance its beauty.

  • Adding ribbons:

    You can add beautiful ribbons to make your greetings card more beautiful. If you arrange it in this way, the thing will look nicer. Also, you need to see if the color of the ribbon matches the color of your card. If the color matches you’re the 3D greetings card will be very attractive and the customer will not be able to take his eyes off it.

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