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Banner Design

The concept of banner design seems to be one of the most prominent methods of advertising throughout the virtual modern world and it appears across most forms and manifestations. This is always about making the best possible banner advertising mostly in the web banner layout.

Banner advertisements are web-based advertising pictures that display a product or brand which refers to the organization’s website. Many businesses do it in every way since it is an inexpensive, observable highly efficient means of raising the popularity of brands. 

Placed the advertising banners in the right position 

Buying space on a platform that is over the fold often near the primary component of a website. 

Using the best, regular banner dimensions

banner design

The best regular banner dimensions as per Google Ad Words seem to be that include,

  • 728×900px in terms of Leader board
  • 300×600px in terms of Half Page
  • 300×250px in terms of Medium Rectangle
  • 336×280px in terms of Large Rectangle

Using animated graphics


Animated online advertisements typically outweigh dynamic banner ads which can be highly successful throughout the design in terms of website banners so ensure they do not detract from any ad post. 

Render things convenient 

Maintain easy material and graphics. Audiences typically would just look for a moment at every site banner ad.


Select suitable colors 

It seems to be essential to ascertain what sort of feelings you would like to elicit for the public. Each hue seems to have a different connation. In your banner advertisement, color is the very first aspect customers perceive.

Get a simple structure


The eyes of the people are attracted to a topic automatically within a setting. Effective banner advertising with visuals stretched into the margins of the boxes provide a well-identified logo. When the advertising seems to be bright, adding a 1-pixel grey margin across the advertisement becomes a common procedure.

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