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- How many times, you open your mobile to look for messages, photos, videos, documents? A simple question, but very meaningful. More than 100 times, we are sure about that. So in case you meet someone and wish to let him or her know that you are your company, targeting in the digital way is the best. People no longer open the wallet and purses daily for any information. They look on mobile, social media sites, and what's app. So the E-Business card is here. It is just a digital form of a visiting card. Here you will get it in soft copy form, which can be sent, forwarded to unlimited users through various means like email, Whatsapp, Telegram or a simple graphics supported messaging Service.

Business Card

Why should you have an E-Business card?

  • Cross platform support and multiple device support: - When you have an e-Business card, you can send it via various platforms like email, chat, messages. At the same time, the end-user to whom you have sent or forwarded can view it from multiple devices like mobile, computer, notebook, tablets etc.
  • Instant and effective: - Here, you send an e-Business card and where it is received by your customer. If your customer is online, he or she will just see that. No other medium of advertising is so effective and instant.
  • No physical carrying and distributing:- Unlike a normal business card, you need not carry an E-Business card all the time along with yourself so that when you meet your targeted customers, you will distribute it. Simply have it on mobile, no physical carrying.

Why should you choose us?

Our superior designing team, coupled with advanced technical teams, gives you enough reason to stick with us in order to get your E-Business card designed. We do not take much time in designing and supplying to you digitally.

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