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Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To rank a website, such a method like SEO or search engine optimization is required. The use of keywords is essential for SEO. Usually, when a website is searched, if it appears on the first page of the search option, then that website is considered ranked. This whole process is called search engine optimization.

What are the types of SEO or Search Engine Optimization?


If you want to know more about Search Engine Optimization, you must know how many types of SEO. And so the method of Search Engine Optimization can be divided into three parts. A website ranks based on these three methods. And these are the three methods of SEO.


  1. White Hat SEO 2. Black Hat SEO


White hat SEO
White hat SEO is the most superficial chapter of Search Engine Optimization. This white hat SEO is mainly dependent on the use of keywords. And this White Hat SEO is primarily divided into two parts. 1. On-page SEO 2. Off-page SEO  

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a method of ranking a website site that does not follow the rules of the SEO system properly and fools the SEO system differently. When a website is organized, it is called black hat SEO. The method by which some pages are ranked by fooling the search engines is called black hat SEO.

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