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Prestashop Customization

Nowadays, everyone has some sort of opinion on each and every product. The customer wants Customization of their products based on Color, size, texture, utility and other aspects. IN the arena of e-commerce, products customization is a new concept, and it is enabled by the Presta shop Customization module. It helps in customizing your products, thus empowering and satisfying the customers more and more. With the help of this module, you may sell highly customizable products like T-Shirts, Caps, Posters, Appliances covers like Mobile, Tablet, Computer etc. The market of customizable products is booming, so anyone lacking behind in this area will surely have less customer base and less revenue.


Some features of our modules are as follows:-

  • The best part is the user interface. Whenever a user comes into a page or website, one thing which entices most is an interface, and we have the best team to give you a high-quality user interface.
  • We also provide a customized panel for you to add on your products. Customer will choose the best-suited panel and will customize the products according to his/her preference, requirement or needs.
  • Our design teams mastered in developing products which may be able to run on cross platforms. Customized design can be downloaded into various formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, WORD etc. It can also be downloaded with or without watermark.
  • Time is here for unlimited. So your customer may utilize our module for adding unlimited text, Images and Hyperlinks.

Why you should choose our modules:-

  • Pricing plays a great role in sealing every contract or deal. Here also as our price is comparatively low as compared to the industries, you may have to spend less in order to get this module.
  • Increasing the revenue pipeline is another factor. Our modules provide an excellent way to enhance revenue.
  • Support and Maintenance: - We have a dedicated time to support you in your need, and we also provide free of cost maintenance whenever you wish to make some changes in the customized module.

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