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Flex box is relatively new in terms of its implementation. In the web space traditionally what you want to look for a technology that provides a significant advantage that you do not have with previous technologies. If you look down under CSS advance, you have a flexbox. Now Flex box allows you to create flexible boxes and to position things within your website. It is designed to make it easier than the traditional ways that we so. Float and positioning if you have done in your basic CSS is the traditional way of laying out pages. And if you have a right course, it is entirely usable, and if you are familiar with CSS, it is a property of display. But it is flex box something that you use inside of the grid layout. You could use Flex box to create your whole page layout. You should contact them because they are going to make your layout work much more comfortable. Flex box is also called the flexible box model. It is a layout mode or model that provides an easy and clean way to arrange items within a container. So if you have use CSS for a while, you have probably been using the old block model where you assign width whether it is a percentage or a fixed width.

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Then you use floats to arrange items on the page. Then you have to factor in your margins and your padding, and you have to do all types of math to figure out how much margin, how much width you should have and this is kind of so many things to do. So Flex box has taken care of all this.

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