Domainmantri Creative Web Solution

Privacy Policy

We at Domain Mantri believe that privacy is of utmost importance for everyone. We have a clear and well-defined privacy policy for all the benefits of all our stakeholders. Our policy clearly defines the ways through which we should go while collecting, processing, storing, and protecting your personal and private information.

However, reading the privacy policy is the responsibility of the users. They must read this policy carefully and must be agreeing with the policy. At any point in time, when you feel this policy is not suiting you; you should close the browser and should stop using our websites. This policy is not only applicable to users but also the visitors too.

  • Storing your personal information like name, mobile number, email id, address, age, sex, IP address, order details, and device information is just mandatory for us. Without storing those data we cannot process your request. That data is also required while providing customer support. Data with us helps us in knowing about you in better ways. It helps in providing you better customer service and best-in-class product information.
    We also use the data for getting various information and at the same time research purposes. No careless approach is applied here at Domain Mantri while handling user data but we cannot be held responsible for any leakage of your data. Your personal information is also used for analyzing the data with the help of third party software like Google analytics.
  • To give you the best in class web and mobile experience and better product information we collect your computer cookies data. Cookies are like your footsteps when you visit a particular web page. Not only use but also cookies are collected across all web pages nowadays. In the online industry, it is quite normal for companies to collect cookies. It is useful and helpful for customers when they visit next time on the same web pages. Computers will identify users and their preferences thus helping in faster checkout and processing.
  • When a customer makes a payment with us, some basic payment information is stored with us. However, we do not store any sensitive payment information like a one-time password, Password, User Name, Pin, CVV number. Card numbers may be stored with us but in that case, your consent is required. While making a payment with us, you will see a checkbox for saving the card number with us. In that way, it is your own decision to save the card with us or to choose otherwise. Saving card numbers with us helps in faster checkout.
  • Utmost care is adopted while protecting and storing your personal and private information with us. We would not share that information with anyone unless agreed by you. But in some cases, we may be forced to share the data. Those situations like legal and criminal cases may come. In that way, we will be obliged by the government directives and cannot stop yourself from sharing your data with the authority.
  • We are not responsible for any privacy theft occurring when you put your personal information on the third-party likes mentioned on domain mantra websites.