Domainmantri Creative Web Solution

Term & Condition

  • When a client contacts us and gives their requirements, we provide some estimates/quotes that are our understanding of the client's requirements. It also involves the time factor. Any changes to the functionality by the clients may incur additional costs for the clients. Estimates and quotes are only for the agreed-upon work. Any changes may also involve more days. It is your responsibility to ensure and have clarity in your understanding with us.
  • When clients agree with the estimates and quotes, it is abiding. All our terms and conditions are applicable when a quote or estimate is signed.
  • We depute manpower and other resources depending on various factors of the projects, and we cannot be forced to increase or decrease any sorts of resources from the projects. Minor changes may be included within the allocated hours.
  • It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that they have put the entire requirement while deciding quotes/proposals/estimates. It is also the client's responsibility to make sure that we understand the whole project and requirements well. Because many times, it is not possible for us to even agree on any minor changes.
  • Reasonable delay is accepted while delivering any projects assigned to domain Mantri. Many reasons for the delay are not in our hands. Major reasons like strike, earthquake, server down, fire, etc. However, we at domain mantra will put all our efforts into work to ensure that project is completed on time.
  • In case we have taken any project where it is decided that some information or data will be provided by clients. In that case, clients must ensure that those agreed data and information are supplied to us well in time. In case of delay from the client’s parts, the project may also get delayed.
  • Generally no bugs or errors come just after submission or completion of a project, but in case there is an issue like this, we will provide free of charge support and maintenance.
  • Before providing and submitting your projects, our in house team tests the projects on various platforms. A quality team is also at the domain mantra which checks for any quality issue. Testing is done as per our understanding of the projects. But in case, you wish to have your project tested on other specific platforms, you should let us know in advance for the same. No request will be entertained after completing the projects.
  • We keep our clients updated with the latest happenings on the projects and their related components. Generally all communications/correspondences are done via emails. Email ID provided by the clients should be working as it is the responsibility of the clients to keep them with their relevant email addresses. Any non-information only because the email is not opened, cannot be dealt with by us. We will not be responsible for any non-receiving of information.
  • We generally mentioned third party charges while giving quotations of the work. But in some cases, if new requirements arise, or charges are revised by third-party providers, we too ask for more money based on that revision of the third party.